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Glasgow roofer repairing a chimney

Glasgow Chimney Repairs

The Glasgow weather can play havoc with your chimney and occasional damage is unavoidable but prompt attention, regular safety checks and chimney re-pointing will help you to avoid minor problems turning into major ones. Act now to ensure timely chimney repairs and essential chimney re-pointing jobs are carried out by our experts. Our roofers will discuss your requirements in the comfort of your home.

There is no obligation when you take advantage of our friendly consultation service, so don't risk finding your chimney on the driveway this winter. Chimney repairs and chimney re-pointing are essential, not luxuries.

Don’t wait for that small crack to grow, call us now on Glasgow 0141 340 9805.

Unrivalled quality every time

You’ll find our satisfied customers all over Glasgow. Our quality chimney repairs, chimney re-pointing and high standards reflect our traditional values as a long established firm. Ask us today about:

  • Re-pointing your chimney
  • Essential safety work
  • Chimney flashing solutions
  • Decommissioning redundant chimneys

All estimates free of charge across Glasgow

Your peace of mind is our business, and we’re here to serve you whatever your needs and we won’t charge you for our consultations - it’s our pleasure.

We'll explain everything about your chimney repairs, we won't exaggerate problems and we'll always leave the final decisions up to you. 

We can call you back!

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